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Zhi Lan

Zhi Lan Furniture Shop Keeper.


MooShu , Jade Palace

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Zhi Lan's Housewears


Item Price Currency Image
Bluebonnets 350 Gold
Snapdragons 385 Gold
Tiger Lily 430 Gold
Snapdragon Flowerbed 675 Gold
Red Leaf Tree 280 Crown
Summer Tree 875 Gold
Large Potted Fern 1160 Gold

Wallpaper and Tile

Item Price Currency Image
Tatami Flooring 600 Gold
Tatami Flooring
Bamboo Mat 600 Gold
Dirt Floor 625 Gold
Dirt Floor
Khaki Wallpaper 625 Gold
Khaki Wallpaper
Swirly Stone Tiles 650 Gold
Swirly Stone Tiles
Zen Geometry Wallpaper 650 Gold
Zen Geometry Wallpaper
Red Board Wall 650 Gold
Red Board Wall
Zen Garden Flooring 655 Gold
Zen Garden Flooring
Zen Pattern Wallpaper 685 Gold
Zen Pattern Wallpaper
Imperial Wallpaper 725 Gold
Imperial Wallpaper
Crashing Wave Wallpaper 775 Gold
Crashing Wave Wallpaper
Forester's Wallpaper 950 Gold
Forester's Wallpaper
Leafy Floor 1000 Gold
Leafy Floor


Item Price Currency Image
Pointed Boulder 270 Gold
Pointed Boulder
Leaning Boulder 290 Gold
Leaning Boulder
Smooth Stone 305 Gold
Smooth Stone
Reed Fence 345 Gold
Reed Fence
Bamboo Barrier 395 Gold
Bamboo Barrier
Stepping Stones 540 Gold
Stepping Stones
Small Standing Lantern 585 Gold
Small Standing Lantern
Blue Stone Torii 965 Gold
Blue Stone Torii
Stone Watchtower 870 Crown
Bell Pagoda 1080 Crown


Item Price Currency Image
Basic Crafting Station 500 Gold
Basic Crafting Station
Small Wooden Table 545 Gold
Small Wooden Table
Low Square Table 650 Gold
Low Square Table
Futon 715 Gold
Throwing Star Case 330 Crown
Birchwood Stool 875 Gold
Birchwood Stool
Futon Cushion 1190 Gold
Futon Cushion
Card Crafting Station 1500 Gold
Housing Crafting Station 1500 Gold
Equipment Crafting Station 1500 Gold
Stone Oven 1500 Gold
Stone Oven


Item Price Currency Image
Large Candle Holder 180 Gold
Large Candle Holder
Tatami Floor Mat 350 Gold
Tatami Floor Mat
Domed Floor Lantern 435 Gold
Domed Floor Lantern
Decorative Stone Column 435 Gold
Decorative Stone Column
Low Purple Vase 460 Gold
Low Purple Vase
Blue Banner 680 Gold
Blue Banner
Red Silk Kimono 685 Gold
Red Silk Kimono
Stone Vase 800 Gold
Stone Vase
Bubbling Cauldron 530 Crown

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