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This Is A Stub Please Help Us By Expanding It.

This was all posted as one quest. This is likely multiple quests and the information needs very much to be verified, added to, and seriously revamped.

Quests aren't really my thing, but I've documented what I could. I didn't remember this needed documenting until after all the running around and talking, but at least there's more than there was. I: PunkyMax 01:02, November 3, 2010 (UTC)

PreQuest: None

Given by: Cyrus Drake


Two Heads Are Better than One
1. Talk to Harold Argleston in Wizard City
2. Talk to Zan'ne in Krokotopia
3. Talk to Clancy Pembroke in MarleyBone
4. Talk to Harold Argleston in Wizard City
5. Talk to Cyrus Drake in RavenWood
Book Report? (if I remember correctly)
6. Use desk in Myth School
7. Talk to Cyrus Drake in RavenWood
First Time Collar
8. Talk to Milos Bookwyrm in the Atheneum
9. Defeat Ranulf Moonclaw in the Labryinth
10. Talk to Cyrus Drake in Ravenwood
Bone to Be Wild
11. Talk to Dworgyn In NightSide
12. Talk to Cyrus Drake in RavenWood
Give a Dog a Bone
13. Locate Burial Ground Clearing in Ancient Burial Grounds
14. Talk to Cyrus Drake in RavenWood

Hand In:



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