The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

PreQuest: None

Given by: Jing-han He


  • Collect History of MooShu in Crimson Fields

(in Warlord Katsumori/War Oni's room)

  • Collect The Early Times in Shirataki Temple

(in Ideyoshi/Plague Oni's room)

  • Collect The War of the Clans in Tree of Life

(in Kagemoosha/Death Oni's area in the spirit world)

  • Collect A New Beginning in Village of Sorrow

(in Fushiko's house/tower, which is right next to the fish teleport) (Must do Clean Sweep (MooShu) quest given by Wei Pei to get access to house)

  • Collect The Emperor of Peace in Hametsu Village

(in Do-Daga's room)

  • Collect Rise of the Mooddha in Kishibe Village

(in the Shrine of the Spirit)

  • Collect Return fo the Emperor in Jade Palace

(in the palace proper by the emperor)

Hand In: Jing-han He


  • 206 gold
  • 2840 experience
  • Iron Tea Pot
  • Athame that varies by School
Fire - Shortblade of Reflection
Myth - Contemplative Dagger
Life - Dirk of Deep Thought
Death - Kris of Pondering
Ice - Introspective Knife
Storm - Meditative Athame
Balance - Dirk of Augury

Leads to: None

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