File:The Crucible.png


The Crucible Map


Zanetta Stormbreaker
Narissa Wyrmscale
Irenka Thundercrown
Vesna Shadowscar


Boris Blackrock (Circular Arena)
Katia Firewinter (Circular Arena)
Valerik Brightsword (Circular Arena)
Rurik Flamesoul (Circular Arena)
Iona Pyrelance (Circular Arena)
Horned Barbarian
Manascale Sorcerer
Orin Grimcaster

Places of Interest

The circular arena in the center of the map has a number of bosses that can be fought by activating the crystal on their platform.

Connects To

Dragonspyre Academy
The Necropolis

Available Reagents

Lava Lily
Stone Block (Reagent)

Hints, Guides and Discussions should be placed in the Discussion tab.

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