I just purchased a cottage and went to my dorm to get some of the stuff I left there, but I can't pick it up and put it in the bank. Even the stuff I put in there from drops.

I am really going to be upset if I had to put the stuff in the bank before getting my cottage, because how would one know to do that?

I really really want them to set free my stuff from bondage, in the dorm room.

At least the stuff I put in there myself.

I can understand, somewhat, if they don't want you to move around the stuff that came with the dorm. But, since it will always be ones dorm why should we have to leave the stuff that was there behind?

Or is there a special way I can transfer items from my dorm to my cottage, that I'm not aware of?

Answer: Make sure your backpack isn't full. If it isn't full and you still cannot pick up your items, contact technical support at the Wizard 101 homepage. RCWizard 10:21, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

Basic Info.

50 item max outside 150 item max inside 200 total items placeable 10/19/09

What am I suppose to do about the Unicorn the always appears in the circle?

This cottage is great for people who want a natural home full of beauty and who can't afford the royal playhouse


Sorry if i'm not allowed to put this here, but I purchased a Wooded Cottage. There is a path of stones that leads to a small area surrounded by trees. Sometimes, a unicorn appears there, then whinnies and dissappears. what's that all about? Is it there for a reason? Sophia Firegem

Answer: The unicorn appears as one of the many thing Wizard101 does to make people want to get house. My friends say that the unicorn sometimes appears when friends are at the House but I don't know if that's true. Anyways, Wizard101 does those thing to the house to make many people want to buy then and see that special thing occur. Another example of this is the Island Getaway. The Island comes with a temple behind/built with the house. If you went to the temple and stepped on one of the diamond-like floor pieces, a rock is released to crush you (But it won't hurt you if you get "Run Over" by it). I hope this answer your question. Laura

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