The Lore of the Runes

  • Savarstaad Pass - Skellek's Place - The Story of Konur
  • Frostholm - (Dungeon) - Ivar Anderson's Place - The Tale of the Runes
  • Mirkholm Keep - Wolf Palace - Test of the Runes
Do you know how to carve the runes? Do you know how to read them? Do you know how to paint the runes? Do you know how to prove them? Do you know how to cast the runes? Do you know how to find them? All these things you must know to be called rune-master.
  • Northguard - King's Fort - The Story of Eorl
  • Nidavellir aka Hall of Valor - (Dungeon) - Jotun's Place - Tooth, Claw, and Wing
  • Nidavelli aka Winterdeep Warren - (Dungeon) - Locate on map the small square area closest to center of maze. Book located there. When looking at the map: the 2nd room (small octagon) is blocked, forcing a detour to the left. The target room cannot be entered from the south. The long room's first north exit is also blocked, forcing you to take the 2nd hall out. While there are no sidewalks, occasionally a room can be skipped by hugging a wall. Set your mark after each room.
  • Ravenscar - Raven Fortress in the Citadel - The Story of the Grendels

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