Look for the green arrow on the maps. (Name of the closest NPC on the map.)

Find Regent's Square Cat - Near entrance of Scotland (diagonal from Sir Reginald Baxby)

Regent's Square Cat

Find Hyde Park Cat - By the south entrance of the gazebo near the Greenhouse (Mr. Rowley)

Hyde Park Cat

Find Chelsea Court Cat - to Ernest Haldings's right (Earnest Haldings)

Chelsea Court Cat

Find Ironworks Cat - the ramp behind Pops O'Leary (Pops O'Leary)

Ironworks Cat

Find Digmoore Station Cat - from the entrance, just past the left wall. (Sherlock Bones)

Digmoore Station Cat

Find Scotland Yard Roof Cat - left corner facing away from the Knight's Court entrance

Scotland Yard Roof Cat

Find Newgate Prison Cat - near Officer Malone, by the teleporter, next to the actual prison

Newgate Prison Cat

Find Knight's Court Cat - by Knight's Tower

Knight's Court Cat

Find Katzenstein's Lab Cat - near Dr. Von Katzenstein

Katzenstein's Lab Cat

Find Big Ben Cat - from the entrance of the 12th floor, behind the first crates on the left.

The 12th floor is right after the floor with the silver chests.

Map impossible.

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