Quest Dialogue and Progression


Lady Oriel

I have heard that someone has hung Bone Cages along the street. I fear these are being used to trap my Fairies and corrupt them.
Please, you must free the captured Fairies from those horrible Bone Cages before they become corrupted. Go quickly, my friend!



You hear a tiny joyful voice call your name...


Thank you for Helping out the Fairies. They did not mean to be evil, but the corruption made them do bad things.
Now, there is hope again and the Fairies will be able to bring magic and cheer to the people of Wizard City once more. Thank you, young Wizard.

Lady Oriel

We thank you, young Wizard! The freed Fairies have already told me of your heroism. Your deeds will be remembered here on Unicorn Way.
And to show my appreciation, here is a healing spell. Remember to add it to your deck so it will aid you in your time of need.

Experience Running Count

Note: this running count includes the quests Tutorial and Enrollment. It gives a running minimum count for gold, experience (including level), spells, and equipment gained through the Storyline Quests only. It does not include any equipment or clothing bonuses for the equipment listed. It does not include any drop items or spells gained through spell quests or through trainers. It does incorporate information from the Level Chart and the Experience Chart.

GoldXPLevelSchoolHealthManaPowerPip%SpellsT. PointsHatRobeBootsWandAthameAmuletRingPetDeckHousingTreasureCardBadges
55 153 3 BalanceLogo 534 19 0 SecretReward, Elemental Shield, Pixie 1 Crown of Seasons Frost Wolf Boots SecretReward Starter Deck Ravenwood Banner, Small Candle Seraph
DeathLogo 499 SecretReward, Death Trap, Pixie Hood of Calamity SecretReward SecretReward Starter Deck
FireLogo 459 SecretReward, Fireblade, Pixie Soot-Stained Hat Seared Shoes SecretReward Starter Deck
IceLogo 562 SecretReward, Freeze, Pixie Frost-Touched Cap Frost-Touched Shoes SecretReward Starter Deck
LifeLogo 515 SecretReward, Minor Blessing, Fairy Sturdy Hat Healer's Shoes Fairy's Wand Starter Deck
MythLogo 469 SecretReward, Golem Minion, Pixie Adventurer's Helm SecretReward Antiquated Wand Starter Deck
StormLogo 433 Thunder Snake, Lightning Strike, Pixie Canvas Cover Stormweave Shoes Charged Wand Starter Deck

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