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The Oasis

First Oasis Beetle: Behind the Robe and Deck shops.

Second Oasis Beetle: To the right of the Library.

Chamber of Fire

Chamber of Fire Beetle: From Assistant Danforth go up 3 ramps and then follow path forward and to the right under two wood posts and next to crates

Emperor's Retreat

Emperor's Retreat Beetle: Go to the frozen lake and look on the middle platform


Krokospinx Beetle: Take floating boat to Krokosphinx's Island.Take a left behind the Great Sphinx. You'll see the beetle sitting up on a platform.

Tomb of Storms

(Complete the Pyramid of the Sun and Krokosphinx quest lines, or teleport to a friend)

After entering the portal to the Tomb of Storms island, look behind the stone head portal.
Tomb of Storms Beetle

Well of Spirits

Well of Spirits Beetle: Climb up the stairs near the Djeserit Family Tomb, then turn left and look behind the giant krok statue.

Karanahn Barracks

Karanahn Barracks Beetle: Look by the door of the non-accessible building to the far right side of the non-battle area.

Altar of Kings

Altar of Kings: Down the stairs past the chamber of fire, next to the blocked off entrance.

Entrance Hall

Entrance hall: Up the left stairs towards The Vault of Ice, then turn right

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