• First Jade Palace Oyster

(In front of the tree in the middle of the water garden)

BOC First Jade Palace

First Jade Palace Oyster

  • Second Jade Palace Oyster

(Next to the cherry blossom by the river in the rock garden.)

BOC Second Jade Palace

Second Jade Palace Oyster

  • Yoshihito Temple Oyster

(Between two statues by the bridge to the Villiage of Sorrow)

BOC Yoshihito Temple

Yoshihito Temple Oyster

  • Village of Sorrow Oyster

(East of the tree in the center by Ting Yin)

BOC Village of Sorrow

Village of Sorrow Oyster

  • Shoshun Village Oyster

(behind first hut on the left when entering the village from Jade Palace)

BOC Shoshun Village

Shoshun Village Oyster

  • Hametsu Village Oyster

(By Jo Feng along the village's outer wall)

BOC Hametsu Village

Hametsu Village Oyster

  • Kishibe Village Oyster

(By the well that's next to Mossback)

BOC Kishibe Village

Kishibe Village Oyster

  • Tatakai Outpost Oyster

(Behind the small well next to Maito's Dojo)

BOC Tatakai Outpost

Tatakai Outpost Oyster

  • Tree of Life Oyster

(Northwest of the Tree in the same courtyard area yoshin chin is in, but opposite side of the tree by wall, between the two tall stone pillars in the wall)

BOC Tree of Life

Tree of Life Oyster

  • Shirataki Temple Oyster

(In the Shirataki Temple Instance to the right of the rightmost staircase behind the Wavebringer)

BOC Shirataki Temple

Shirataki Temple Oyster

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