Biti Nirini will likely be the first Krokotopian boss that players will face. Fortunately, he is not much more difficult than earlier bosses faced in Wizard City. Despite Biti Nirini's Fire classification, he uses Balance frequently, so wards are only moderately effective against him. Take caution of his Weakness spell as well, since it can throw a monkey wrench in well-calculated attacks. To deal with this, try equipping a wand not associated with your primary school so you can remove the Weakness without triggering your own traps or charms.

Biti Nirini's Chamber houses an Obsidian Chest. Like all Obsidian Chests, it's irrelevant until the player begins the Wizard Tours quest.

Biti Nirini's loot contains a good mix of items from all the schools, with an emphasis on Fire and Balance by his unique items. Biti's Flamelicked Staff in particular is exceptional, though it requires level 20+ to wield. Biti Nirini's Citrine Deck is also very good loot, though it's limited to Balance only.

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