Stuart Goddard

Stuart Goddard


Marleybone,Regent's Square

Gives quest

Quest Goals

The Jacket Racket

Ends quest

Codack's Corgi Clothing


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Male Image Female Image
Cloak of Dedication30423079Gold
Robe Cloak of Dedication Male
Robe Cloak of Dedication Female
Robe of Lucidity30103079Gold
Robe Robe of Lucidity Male
Robe Robe of Lucidity Female
Premium Vestment30543110Gold
Robe Premium Vestment Male
Robe Premium Vestment Female
Vestment of Dreamland30183079Gold
Robe Vestment of Dreamland Male
Robe Vestment of Dreamland Female
Vestment of Disposition30143047Gold
Robe Vestment of Disposition Male
Robe Vestment of Disposition Female
Shroud of Grief30343118Gold
Robe Shroud of Grief Male
Robe Shroud of Grief Female
Halcyon's Robe30133088Gold
Robe Halcyon's Robe Male
Robe Halcyon's Robe Female
Tunic of the Breakneck36853818Gold
Robe Tunic of the Breakneck Male
Robe Tunic of the Breakneck Female
Vestment of Assistance16801680Crowns
Infernal Drape16801680Crowns

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