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All Storm Spells

All Storm Spells

Storm Spells from Halston Balestrom

Name Level Description # of Pips
Thunder Snake 1 Deal 105 - 145 Storm Damage to target. 1
Lightning Bats 5 Deal 245 - 285 Storm Damage to target. 2
Thermic Shield 8 -70% to next incoming Fire and Ice Damage spells. 0
Storm Shark 10 Deal 375-435 Storm Damage to target. 3
Storm Trap 16 +25% next outgoing Storm Damage spell on target. 0
Kraken 22 Deal 520 - 580 Storm Damage to target. 4
Windstorm 26 +20% to next outgoing Storm Damage spell on all enemies. 1
Darkwind 33 +25% to all outgoing Storm Damage spells. 4
Stormzilla 42 Deal 650 - 730 Storm Damage to target. 5

Storm Spells from Other Trainers

Name Level Description # of Pips Trainer
Storm Shield 10 -80% to next incoming Storm Damage spell. 0 Sabrina Greenstar
Soothe 15 Reduce threat on target. 2 Mortis, the Death Tree
Dissipate 22 Dispel next incoming Storm spell from target. 2 Mildred Farseer
Sap Power 25 Sacrifice Minion for 4 pips. 1 Croaky

Storm Spells from Quests

Name Description # of Pips Quest Prerequisites
Lightning Strike +10% Accuracy to next outgoing Storm spell. 0 Enrollment Level 2
Storm Prism Convert next outgoing Storm Damage to Myth Damage 0 Charge It Up Level 7
Stormblade +30% to next outgoing Storm Damage spell. 0 I've Got the Power Level 12
Disarm Remove one positive Charm from target. 1 The Sixth School End of Wizard City
Water Elemental (Spell) Summon the Water Elemental Minion. 3 Test Your Might Level 18
Cleanse Charm Remove one negative Charm from self. 1 Temple Dweller End of Krokotopia
Tempest 80 Storm Damage per pip to all enemies. X Boiling Hot Level 28
Wild Bolt Deal 10, 100, or 1,000 Storm Damage to target. 2 Bad News... End of Marleybone
Triton (Spell) Deal 795 - 875 Storm Damage to target. 6 Before the Storm Level 38
Storm Lord 690 Storm Damage + Stun to all enemies. 7 Component Opponent Level 48
Leviathan 1030 Storm Damage + Remove two Charm from enemy. 8 Waterfalls Level 58
Sirens Deals 880 Damage, Dispels 2 Charm, -50% Accuracy, Reduces Threat on all enemies 9 The Sound of Sirens Level 68

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