Given by: Sprite Guardian (Spell)

A life minion. It will mostly cast Guiding Light, Sprite, and Fairy.

If your health reaches 0, this minion can revive you with a healing spell before the end of the round. This only occurs when the minion has already chosen a healing spell to cast upon you before the round begins. If your health is 0 at the end of the round, you will be defeated. If you are the only player on your team, the battle will be over, regardless of your minion's presence.

If we've chosen Unicorn the spell, and the minion is defeated just before you cast the spell, the spell will also revive the minion before the end of the round. Due to a glitch however the minion will then appear to be invisible. Their name will still be there and they can still cast spells.

Sprite Guardian (Minion) at a Glance:
Sprite Guardian (Minion)
Rank: 1
Health: 350
Creature Class: Minion
School: Life
Pip Cost: 4
File:Sprite Guardian.gif

|Spells Known:






Guiding Light

Spirit Armor


Life Trap

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