The Halloween Holiday Seller - 2008-2011.

Location: Wizard City - Shopping District

Gives quest

Quest Goal

Ends quest

Bob's Spookywear (2011)


Item Price Currency Image
Hallowe'en Hat750Crowns Hat WC Hallowe'en Hat
Cool Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Cool Pumpkin Mask
Cyclops Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Cyclops Pumpkin Mask
Goofy Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Goofy Pumpkin Mask
Kitty Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Kitty Pumpkin Mask
Boo Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Boo Pumpkin Mask
Happy Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Happy Pumpkin Mask
Scary Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Scary Pumpkin Mask
Pirate Pumpkin Mask750Crowns Hat WC Pirate Pumpkin Mask
Ninja Pig Hat1500Crowns Hat WC Ninja Pig Hat


Item Price Currency Image
Hallowe'en Robe1500Crowns Robe WC Hallowe'en Robe
Ninja Pig Robe3000Crowns Robe WC Ninja Pig Robe


Item Price Currency Image
Hallowe'en Shoes250Crowns Boots WC Hallowe'en Shoes
Ninja Pig Shoes500Crowns Boots WC Ninja Pig Shoes


Item Price Currency Image
Silly Pumpkin Staff300Crowns Wand WC Silly Pumpkin Staff
Sad Pumpkin Staff300Crowns Wand WC Sad Pumpkin Staff
Mean Pumkin Staff300Crowns Wand WC Mean Pumpkin Staff
Witch's Broom500Crowns Wand WC Witch's Broom


Item Price Currency Image
Black Cat1500Crowns Pet WC Black Cat
Ghost Dragon3000Crowns

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