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Knight's Court

Gives quest

Ends quest

Rufus Cavendish's Recipe Shop


Recipe Price Currency
Thundering Hat of Neutrality844Gold
Crackling Cowl of Eternity844Gold
Vigorous Cap of the Squall844Gold
Blustery Hat of Legend844Gold
Chill Cowl of the Cyclone844Gold
Windswept Hood of the Glacier844Gold


Recipe Price Currency
Thundering Jacket of Neutrality 1125 Gold
Crackling Smock of Eternity 1125 Gold
Vigorous Cloak of the Squall 1125 Gold
Blustery Robe of Legend 1125 Gold
Chill Jacket of the Cyclone 1125 Gold
Windswept Coat of the Glacier 1125 Gold


Recipe Price Currency
Thundering Boots of Neutrality675Gold
Crackling Footwraps of Eternity675Gold
Vigorous Boots of the Squall675Gold
Blustery Shoes of Legend675Gold
Chill Footwear of the Cyclone675Gold
Windswept Boots of the Glacier675Gold

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