Hrafn Lorespeaker
Gurtok Barrier Demon (NPC)


Cave Golem
Coven Initiate
Eitri Shadowsmirk
Gurtok Barrier Demon
Glacier Walker
Ingram Glyphcutter
Spirit Walker
Stragoi Gallowgrief
Winterwing Battler
Winterwing Darktalon
Winterwing Warden
Kol Shadowsong by himself
Kol Shadowsong with the rest of the Coven
Mord Runechanter by himself
Mord Runechanter with the rest of the Coven
Munin Mistweaver by himself
Munin Mistweaver with the rest of the Coven
Othin Stormfather

Places of Interest

1 yardbird in a cave right next to Mord Runechanter. On the map it is the only cave at the very top right that has a point.

1 yardbird outside the door to Othin Stormfather. When facing the door it is to the right.

Connects To


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