The Plaza of Conquest is a typical Dragonspyre ruins; however, its most prominent feature is a large crystal near the entrance to The Atheneum that hovers near the NPC Laszlo Starblade. There also are some magnificent statues in this area. The Plaza of Conquest is largely a training grounds where students will battle trainers in order to prove themselves worthy to enter The Necropolis.


Plaza of conquests

Plaza of Conquests Map


Halina Warhawk
Laszlo Starblade
Mavra Flamewing
Rendor Dawnbringer
Sandor Spearcaller
Zanna Fireflower


General Greystone
Ghastly Slave

Halina Warhawk
Karuvian Scargiver
Mavra Flamewing
Sandor Spearcaller

Terrorwing Infiltrator
Veteran Terrorwing

Gurtok Demon

Sea Lord

Earth Elemental

Connects To

The Atheneum
The Necropolis

Available Reagents

Lava Lily
Stone Block (Reagent)

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