Pierre Gallantmane

Pierre Gallantmane

You can buy Amulets of any school here. Each amulet will give you an extra card for your sideboard corresponding to one of the schools.


Shopping District

Gives Quest

Ends Quest

Pierre's Amulet Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Eye of the Fiery Feline42Gold
Eye of the Fiery Feline
Frost Crawler Necklace42Gold
Frost Crawler Necklace
Storm Slitherer Gem42Gold
Storm Slitherer Gem
Choker of Mischief42Gold
Choker of Mischief
Amulet of Dark Desires42Gold
Amulet of Dark Desires
Pendant of Fangs42Gold
Pendant of Fangs
Infectious Necklace42Gold
Infectious Necklace

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