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Pet Mini Games; Games played using your pet at the cost of Pet Energy, Pet Energy governs how often you may train your pet. It returns over time, but if you need more Energy and cannot abide, you may purchase an Energy Elixir from the Crown Shop. If you don't train your pet, it won't grow up, so it's very important to pay attention to your pet and train it as much as you can. Each time your pet levels up, the game cost two more Pet Energy. A baby requires two energy to play, teen requires 4, adult requires 6, etc.

There are 5 Pet Mini Games in the Pet Pavilion:

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Repeat the arrow sequence from the screen bottom. Each round the sequence gets longer, starting with a sequence of 3, then 4 and so on. The game ends after 5 rounds or 3 failures.

Use your arrow keys to repeat the sequence of dance step arrows.

Main Stat Affected Agility

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Pick a food and guide your pet to catch as much as it can before time runs out. Avoid falling dangers and try for bonus items!

Use your arrow keys to move your pet back and forth from side to side.

Main Stat Affected Strength

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Fire your pet at the target, adjusting direction, angle and power. Bypass obstacles and adjust for wind speed to keep on target. A score of 2 bulls eyes, (yellow) and 1 red ring or yellow bulls eye will give you all 4 attribute points.

Control direction and angle with your arrow keys. Adjust the cannon power with the power gauge. Use the Space bar or Fire button to shoot.

Main Stat Affected Will

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Lead your pet through the maze, avoid the ghosts and collect as much food as you can before time runs out. A score of 70 snacks or more awards all 4 attribute points.

Use your arrow keys and mouse to guide your pet through the maze.

Main Stat Affected Intellect

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Way of the Ninja Pig

Objective:Lead your pet through a series of obstacles and make it to the finish line before the time runs out. You need at least 40 seconds of time left in order to get all 4 attribute points.

Controls:Use your arrows keys to guide your pet around the obstacles and try not to fall of the course.

Main Stat Affected Will

If a game seems to be bugged, you can always quit the game before it naturally ends, and you will not lose Pet Energy. Chose the game that you like the best and and have fun playing them. :)

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