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Penny Dreadful

A new death wizard from Marleybone. She really is DREADFULLy ugly! Ambrose seems to care very much about her and her parents, though the game never states why. Penny is very annoying and hated by most Wizard City travelers. Many have begged Kingsisle to make her killable, but to no avail. Do not hesitate to completely ignore Penny and her selfish needs. Many have taken to insulting her when they pass. Although she says she is from Marleybone, many find the fact that she has gotten that far amusing, and sometimes enjoy launching projectiles at her, including rocks and sometimes bullets. Depends on the day.


Dark Cave

Gives Quest:

A Dreadful Cock
Our Daily Dread
Dreadful Deliveries

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

A Dreadful Situation
Dreadful Deliveries
A Penny Dead

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