A fire mander (Zan'ne)

Description: A creature that resembles a salamander. The Manders were once the original species of Krokotopia. When the Kroks homeland was in danger, the Kroks came to the Manders for help. Because the Manders were so shy and helpful, the Kroks started to overpower them and soon became the rulers of Krokotopia. Now, the Marleybonians have come to Krokotopia to uncover the mysteries of the Pyramid of the Sun. In the process, they accidentally allowed the Kroks to enslave the Manders.

Origin: Once, there were only green Manders. Soon, they became to practice the elements of Ice, Fire, and Storm. Soon, the Manders adopted their elemental colors and now some of them are Blue (Ice), Red (Fire), and Purple (Storm).

Notable people:

Hetch Al'dim



Salam Ibn'dur

(These are only but a few Manders. These NPCs play a large part in side quests)

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