Louis Ritchie

Louis Ritchie


Marleybone,Regent's Square

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Miss Dasha's Decks

Deck Shop

Item Price Currency Image
Aristocrat's Deck 700 Gold
Aristocrat's Deck
Astute Necromancer's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Necromancer's Deck
Astute Sorcerer's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Sorcerer's Deck
Astute Pyromancer's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Pyromancer's Deck
Astute Thaumaturge's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Thaumaturge's Deck
Astute Diviner's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Diviner's Deck
Astute Theurge's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Theurge's Deck
Astute Conjurer's Deck 1,715 Gold
Astute Conjurer's Deck

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