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All Life Spells

All Life Spells

Life Spells from Moolinda Wu

Name Level Description # of Pips
Imp 1 Deal 65 - 105 Life Damage to target. 1
Leprechaun 5 Deal 155 - 195 Life Damage to target. 2
Legend Shield 8 -70% to next incoming Death and Myth Damage spells. 0
Sprite (Spell) 10 Heal for 30 and 270 Health over 3 rounds. 1
Spirit Armor 16 Absorb 400 incoming Damage to self. 3
Seraph 22 Deal 335 - 395 Life Damage to target. 4
Satyr (Spell) 26 Heal for 860 Health 4
Centaur 33 Deal 515 - 595 Life Damage to target. 6
Sanctuary 42 +50% to All Healing spells Global 3

Life Spells from Other Trainers

Name Level Description # of Pips Trainer
Life Shield 10 -80% to next incoming Life Damage spell. 0 Sabrina Greenstar
Life Trap 10 +25% To next outgoing Life Damage spell on target. 0 Mildred Farseer
Calm 15 Reduce Threat on Target. 2 Mortis, the Death Tree
Entangle 22 Dispel next incoming Life spell. 2 Mildred Farseer
Drain Health 25 Sacrifice Minion for 450 Health 1 Croaky
Mega Calm 50 Majorly reduce threat on target. X Tupa Taua

Life Spells from Quests

Name Description # of Pips Quest Prerequisites
Minor Blessing Heal for 65 Health 0 Enrollment Level 2
Fairy Heal for 420 Health 2 Freedom! Life Wizard Version.
Pixie Heal for 400 Health to self only. 2 Freedom! Non-Life Wizard Version.
Unicorn Heal all allies for 275 Health 3 Introduction to Life Level 7
Nature's Wrath Deal 240 - 300 Life Damage to target. 3 Animation Level 12
Life Prism Convert next outgoing Life Damage to Death Damage 0 The Sixth School End of Wizard City
Sprite Guardian (Spell) Summon the Sprite Guardian Minion. 4 The Missing Gem Level 18
Lifeblade +40% next outgoing Life Damage 0 Back to Balance End of Krokosphinx
Guidance +10% Accuracy to all allies. 1 Temple Dweller End of Krokotopia
Regenerate Heal for 52 and 1,001 Health over 3 rounds. 5 My Re-Generation Level 28
Guiding Light +30% to next outgoing Healing spell. 0 Bad News... End of Marleybone
Dryad Heals for 200 Health per pip. X Nature's Lock/Book Return/Beat the Plague Level 38
Rebirth Heal all allies for 650 Health and adds Spirit Armor (400 Absorb) to all allies. 7 Summer is Coming/The Rota of Reading/Say It with Flowers/Loudly Sing Cuckoo Level 48

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