Krokenkahmen is the final boss of the Pyramid of the Sun and one of the three rulers of Krokotopia. He is located within the Throne Room of Fire, and he is the second of the two bosses found there. He, like Krokhotep and Krokopatra wears full body armor and a large crown. Since he is a part of the School of Fire, he wears red armor. Like the Manders, his skin turned dark red from being in the Pyramid of the Sun so long. After defeating Prince Manu Nirini and getting the Staff, Professor Winthrop sends you to get the Eye of Krok, which combined with the Staff reveals the location of the Order of the Fang.

Krokenkahmen has the best loot of any bosses in the Pyramid of the Sun. He has a powerful, unique item for each of the seven schools of magic, along with a mix of powerful, non-unique items. He also has the Inferno Cat pet as a unique drop, which adds a Fire Cat card to the player's deck when the player has it following him/her.

Krokenkahmen at a Glance:
Rank: 4 Boss
Health: 695
Creature Class: Krokotopian
School: Fire
Boost: 30% boost to Ice
Resist: 60% resist to Fire
Physical Attack: Deals 100 Fire damage per pip.
Minion: Nirini House Guard, Nirini Ancient Guard
Location: Krokotopia- Throne Room of Fire

Spells Known

Black Mantle



Fire Trap


Ash Bats

Fire Elf


Cyclops (Spell)

Items Dropped

37 - 44
Bitter Cap
Blazing Helm
Cowl of the Fortress
Diviner's Yellow Hat
Krokenkahmen's Circlet
Krokenkahmen's Hat
Runed Hood
Soothsayer's Helm
Sturdy Purple Hood
Sturdy Red Hood
Sturdy Tan Hood
Sturdy Yellow Hood
Sturdy Yellow Hat
Thaumaturge's White Hat
Sphinx's Circlet
Cloak of the Skies
Krokenkahmen's Cloak
Krokenkahmen's Vestment
Maker's Vestment
Shroud of Rationality
Theurge's Brown Cloak
Vestment of the Arctic
Vest of Somnolence
Vest of the Oasis
Vestment of Darkness
Biti Nirini's Torrid Boots
Boots of the Citadel
Boots of the Whirlwind
Boots of the Bastion
Charged Sandals
Krokenkahmen's Boots
Krokenkahmen's Shoes
Krokenkahmen's Sandals
Parched Sandals
Polar Shoes
Sandals of Darkness
Sandals of Energy
Athame of Adaptation
Dagger of Downpour
Shortblade of Ruination
Whirlwind Dagger
Parched Kris
Dirk of Harmony
Amulet of Eyes
Band of Equilibrium
Band of the Bastion
Band of the Contender
Band of the Skies
Flowering Band
Jewel of Obliteration
Powerful Ring
Ring of the Badlands
Seal of the Conqueror
Sparkling Band
Inferno Cat
Bushy Palm Tree
Krok Brazier
Purple Krok Sconce
Red Painted Column
Wrapped Long Bench
Potted Palm
Treasure Cards:
Ice Trap
Mutate Frost Cat
Spider Silk

Quest Appearances

Eye of Krok
Make a Kroktail

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