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Kraken Treasure Card School: Storm

Pip Cost: 4

Accuracy: 70%

Type: Damage

Text: Deal 605-665 Storm Damage

Cost from Harold Argleston and Zan'ne: 550 Gold

Lowest Bazaar Purchase Price:

Highest Bazaar Sale Price: 27 Gold

Drops From:

Enraged Kraken
Otomo Supply Runner
Ronin Mutineer
Sanzoku Bandit
Sea Lord
Sergeant Groostak
Spirit Walker

Reward From:

Defeat the Kraken
Torrence, the Storm Tree
Cost: 500 Gold
Crafting Rank Required: Apprentice Crafter - Storm School Only
Crafting Station Required: Card Crafting Station
Cooldown Time: 00:05:00
1 - Storm Shark Treasure Card
1 - Amethyst
2 - Shadow Oil
8 - Mist Wood
8 - Stone Block (Reagent)
2 - Bone (Reagent)

Used in Recipes for the Following:

Treasure Cards

Possible Variations:

Keen Eyes Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 80%
Text: Deal 520-580 Storm Damage
Accurate Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 85%
Text: Deal 520-580 Storm Damage
Sniper Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 90%
Text: Deal 520-580 Storm Damage
Tough Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 70%
Text: Deal 595-655 Storm Damage
Strong Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 70%
Text: Deal 620-680 Storm Damage
Giant Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 70%
Text: Deal 645-705 Storm Damage
Monstrous Treasure Card Version
Accuracy: 70%
Text: Deal 695-755 Storm Damage
Eye of Bartleby Version

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