Kelvin the Ice Tree

Kelvin, the Ice Tree

Kelvin the ice tree is right next to the School of Ice and the Ice Tower. Also Kelvin gives you treasure cards for gold.



Quest Goal

The Trees
Introduction to Ice
Ice Creature Feature

Kelvin's Recipe Shop

Treasure Card Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Frost Beetle Treasure Card50Gold
Frost Beetle Treasure Card
Snow Serpent Treasure Card150Gold
Snow Serpent Treasure Card
Snow Shield Treasure Card150Gold
Snow Shield Treasure Card
Volcanic Shield Treasure Card350Gold
Volcanic Shield Treasure Card
Blizzard Treasure Card500Gold
Blizzard Treasure Card
Ice Wyvern Treasure Card550Gold
Ice Wyvern Treasure Card
Evil Snowman Treasure Card400Gold
Evil Snowman Treasure Card
Ice Trap Treasure Card350Gold
Ice Trap Treasure Card
Tower Shield Treasure Card450Gold
Balefrost Treasure Card400Gold
Balefrost Treasure Card
Melt Treasure Card700Gold
Melt Treasure Card
Draw Health Treasure Card300Gold
Draw Health Treasure Card
Distract Treasure Card500Gold
Distract Treasure Card
Colossus Treasure Card1,200Gold
Colossus Treasure Card
Taunt Treasure Card3,600Gold

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