Keisar Hal'am

Keisar Hal'am

Location: The Oasis

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Whetting Your Appetite

Ends Quest:

Athame And Hat Shop


Item Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Charred Cowl 386 - 827 Gold CharredCowlFemale-KrokotopiaHats CharredCowlMale-KrokotopiaHats
Snowflake Cowl 386 - 827 Gold SnowflakeCowlFemale-KrokotopiaHats SnowflakeCowlMale-KrokotopiaHats
Tempest Cowl (Krokotopia) 386 - 827 Gold TempestCowlFemale-KrokotopiaHats TempestCowlMale-KrokotopiaHats
Sandblasted Cap 384 - 1,944 Gold SandblastedCapFemale-KrokotopiaHats SandblastedCapMale-KrokotopiaHats
Sphinx's Circlet 384-1,944 Gold SphinxsCircletFemale-KrokotopiaHats SphinxsCirclet-KrokotopiaHats
Initiate's Helm 960 - 4,860 Gold InitiatesHelmFemale-KrokotopiaHats InitiatesHelmMale-KrokotopiaHats
Pyromancer's Lambent Hat 2,028 - 4,340 Gold PyromancersOrangeHatFemale-KrokotopiaHats PyromancersOrangeHatMale-KrokotopiaHats
Helm of Composure 1,192 - 3,351 Gold HelmofComposureFemale-KrokotopiaHats HelmofComposureMale-KrokotopiaHats
Sturdy Black Hood 1,781 - 5,103 Gold SturdyBlackHoodFemale-KrokotopiaHats SturdyBlackHoodMale-KrokotopiaHats
Mask of Vision 3,363 - 6,734 Gold MaskofVisionFemale-KrokotopiaHats MaskofVisionMale-KrokotopiaHats
Helm of Imagination 1,988 - 4,698 Gold HelmofImaginationFemale-KrokotopiaHats HelmofImaginationMale-KrokotopiaHats
Hood of the Oracle 1,818 - 3,188 Gold HoodoftheOracleFemale-KrokotopiaHats HoodoftheOracleMale-KrokotopiaHats
Sorcerer's Maroon Hat 1,440 - 5,640 Gold SorcerersMaroonHatFemale-KrokotopiaHats SorcerersMaroonHatMale-KrokotopiaHats
Woodsman's Veil 1200 Crowns WoodsmansVeilFemale-KrokotopiaHats WoodsmansVeilMale-KrokotopiaHats
Augmented Mantle 1200 Crowns AugmentedMantle-KrokotopiaHats Augmented Mantle Male


Item Price Currency Image
Powerful Stiletto 340 Gold PowerfulStiletto-KrokotopiaAthames
Glittering Dagger 680 Gold GlitteringDagger-KrokotopiaAthames
Dirk of the Citadel 1,890 Gold DirkoftheCitadel-KrokotopiaAthames
Shortblade of the Cyclone 1,890 Gold ShortbladeoftheCyclone-KrokotopiaAthames
Dagger of Imagination 1,890 Gold DaggerofImagination-KrokotopiaAthames
Flowering Dagger 1,890 Gold FloweringDagger-KrokotopiaAthames
Bitter Dirk 1,890 Gold BitterDirk-KrokotopiaAthames
Charred Athame 1,890 Gold CharredAthame-KrokotopiaAthames
Athame of Dormancy 1,890 Gold AthameofDormancy-KrokotopiaAthames
Shortblade of Cunning 1,890 Gold ShortbladeofCunning-KrokotopiaAthames
Keen-Edged Dirk 375 Crowns Keen-EdgedDirk-KrokotopiaAthames
Sparking Steel 375 Crowns SparklingSteel-KrokotopiaAthames

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