Jared Banks

Jared Banks


Marleybone,Regent's Square

Gives quest

Ends quest

Jack Russell Jewelers


Item Price Currency Image
Seething Ring900Gold
Seething Ring Male
Ring of Rejuvenation1350Gold
Ring of Rejuvenation
Puzzling Band1800Gold
Puzzling Band
Ring of the Sun1800Gold
Ring of the Sun
Band of Severity1800Gold
Band of Severity
Band of Invention1800Gold
Band of Invention
Shaman's Band1800Gold
Shaman's Band
Ring of the Banshee1800Gold
Ring of the Banshee
Ring of the Enigma1800Gold
Ring of the Enigma
Ring of the Black Mantle1800Gold
Ring of the Black Mantle
Ring of the Hale480Crowns
Verdurous Band480Crowns


Item Price Currency Image
Troll Ear Pendant1020Gold
Bastilla's Deadly Choker1020Gold
Bastilla's Deadly Choker
Swiftarrow's Necklace1020Gold
Swiftarrow's Necklace
Nightshade's Choker1020Gold
Nightshade's Choker

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