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All Ice Spells

All Ice Spells

Ice Spells from Lydia Greyrose

Name Level Description # of Pips
Frost Beetle 1 Deal 65 - 105 Ice Damage to target. 1
Snow Serpent 5 Deal 155 - 195 Ice Damage to target. 2
Volcanic Shield 8 -70% to next incoming Storm Damage and Fire Damage spells. 0
Evil Snowman (Spell) 10 Deal 240 - 300 Ice Damage to target. 3
Tower Shield 16 -50% to next incoming Damage spell. 0
Ice Wyvern 22 Deal 335 - 395 Ice Damage to target. 4
Blizzard 26 Deal 250 - 290 Ice Damage to all enemies. 4
Balefrost 33 +35% to all outgoing Ice Damage spells. 2
Colossus (Spell) 42 Deal 460 - 540 Ice Damage to target. 6

Ice Spells from Other Trainers

Name Level Description # of Pips Trainer
Stun Block 0 Absorb next incoming stun. 0 Sabrina Greenstar
Snow Shield 10 -80% to next incoming Ice Damage spell. 0 Sabrina Greenstar
Distract (Spell) 10 Generate threat on target. 0 Mortis, the Death Tree
Taunt 15 Generate threat on all enemies. 2 Mortis, the Death Tree
Melt 22 Dispel the next incoming Ice Damage spell. 2 Mildred Farseer
Draw Health 25 Sacrifice Minion for 350 Health 1 Croaky

Ice Spells from Quests

Name Description # of Pips Quest Prerequisites
Freeze Stun and add 4 stun blocks to target. 0 Enrollment Level 2
Ice Trap +30% to next outgoing Ice Damage 0 Introduction to Ice Level 7
Ice Prism Convert next outgoing Ice Damage to Fire Damage on target. 0 No More Mr. Ice Guy Level 12
Ice Armor Absorb 125 Damage per pip. (Self Only) X Going Ice Snaking Level 18
Steal Ward Steal one positive Ward from target. 2 Back to Balance End of Krokosphinx
Frostbite Deal 50 Ice Damage + 450 Ice Damage over 3 rounds. 5 Temple Dweller End of Krokotopia
Ice Guardian (Spell) Summon the Ice Guardian Minion. 3 Chilling Information Level 28
Iceblade +40% to next outgoing Ice Damage spell. 0 The Fungus Among Us/Removing Toxins/Ice Creature Feature Level 38
Frost Giant Deal 475 Ice Damage and stun all enemies. (Also adds 4 stun blocks to all enemies) 7 The Troll Bridge/Frost Giant's Potter/Kiln or Be Kiln/Over the Rainbow Level 48
Snow Angel Deal 100 + 660Ice over 3 rounds Damage and Taunt all enemies 8 Out of the Blue Level 58
Woolly Mammoth Deal 800 to 900IceDamage, Stun for one round. 9 Level 68

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