Ice Colossus (Pet)

Type: First Generation Pet

School: Ice

Pedigree: 53

Cards: Gives one Colossus Item Card at Baby

Egg Name: Mysterious Egg, Winterborn Egg or Frost-shelled Egg

Hatch Time: 00:18:00 (Days:Hours:Minutes)


Default Attribute Limits

Strength: 250 Intellect: 250 Agility: 100 Will: 200 Power: 250

Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Pip O'Plenty
Slot 2: Ice-Proof
Slot 3: Pip Boost
Slot 4: Ice-Shot
Slot 5: Crafty
Slot 6: Durable
Slot 7: Snow Aura or Spirited(2013)
Slot 8: Dashing
Slot 9: Health Gift
Slot 10: Snow Shield
Derby Abilities:
Slot #: Name
Slot 1: Oil Slick
Slot 2: Sap
Slot 3: Dead End
Slot 4: Exhausted
Slot 5: Ultra-Mute
Slot 6: Dumbfound
Slot 7: Lock
Slot 8: Super-Pass
Slot 9: Super-Stall
Slot 10: Immunity


From :
Amount : Free

Dropped By:

Reward From:

Over the Rainbow
This pet is obtained by completing the Level 48 Spell Quest of its School.

Liked Snacks:

Ambros Cereal
Golden Squash
Crunch Apple
Green Grapes
Moon Pie
Honey Tombs Cereal
Caramel Popcorn
Ice Carrot
Super Cold Popsicle
Beetle Cream Soda
Cubby Broccoli
Delicious Cookie
Strawberry Cupcake

Loved Snacks:

Large Ice Cream
Frosted Drakes Cereal
Shanta Pudding
Frosted Cupcake

Looks Like:

Storm Colossus
Inferno Colossus

Unique Hybrid Pets you can Hatch from this Pet:

Creeper (Pet)
Frostzilla (Hybrid)
Ice Hound (Hybrid)
Ice Oni
Inferno Colossus
Earth Elemental (Pet)

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