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Does a Power Pip count as double for Ice Armor? 1 Power Pip = 250 Absorb or just 125?  Want to know what is better 2 Power Pips used for Ice Armor (250 or 500) Absorb or Fairy 400 Health

I have to assume you are an Ice wizard otherwise you wouldn't be casting Ice Armor (without a TC). Yes, just like every other spell, Ice Armor uses power pips for spells of your school. As to it's relative worth, you can always heal while having the armor on. If you are already about to be toast then cast then heal (in this case it must be a Fairy TC unless it's a Pixie). Spirit Armor (Absorb) is three pips so you are wasting at least 5 points that could be used for the Ice Armor.

RCWizard 21:33, December 15, 2009 (UTC)

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