Q GH Holm Sweet Holm

Holm Sweet Holm

PreQuest: Finding Ivar

Given by: Grimnir


Defeat Ragnar Stormbrow and Collect Fine Weapon in Vigrid Roughland
Talk to Njall Sharpeyes in Vigrid Roughland
Talk to Ulric Oathbreaker in Frostholm
Complete The Traitor Within in Frostholm
Complete Acting Boarish in Frostholm
Complete The Eye Has It in Frostholm
Talk to Ivar Andersson in Frostholm
Defeat Ivar Andersson in Frostholm
Talk to Egil Axebearer in Vigrid Roughland
Talk to Bjorn Ironclaws in Northguard

Hand In: Bjorn Ironclaws


110 gold
320 xp
Clawed Runestone

Leads to:

The Traitor Within
Grizzle Me This later if character is under level 30 at time of quest completion
Full Grizzle Jacket if character is at least level 30

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