Gisele Moonbow

Gisele Moonbow

Gisele Moonbow is a Pet Vendor located in the Shopping District.

Location: Pet Shop, Shopping District, Wizard City

Gives quest


Ends quest


Wizard City Pet Shop


Item Minimum Price Maximum Price Currency Image
Imp250 Gold250 GoldGoldImp (Pet)
Bloodbat250 Gold250 GoldGoldBloodbat (Pet)
Piggle350 Gold350GoldGoldPiggle
Dragon450 Gold450GoldGoldDragon (Pet)
Unicorn450 Gold450 GoldGoldUnicorn (Pet)
Firecat350 Gold350 GoldGoldFirecat (Pet)
Myth Ghoul750 Crown 750 CrownCrownsMythGhoul-WizardCityPets
Dream Ghoul1490 Crown1490 CrownCrownsDreamGhoul-WizardCityPets
Lava Spider1490 Crown1490 CrownCrownsThe Lava Spider
Magma Spider2440 Crown2440 CrownCrownsMagmaSpider-WizardCityPets
Death Leprechaun4660 Crown4660 CrownCrownsDeathLeprechaun-WizardCityPets
Earth Walker10280 Crown10280 CrownCrownsEarth Walker
Jade Oni7430 Crown7430 CrownCrownsJadeonipet
Storm Hound14960 Crown14960 CrownCrownsStormHound

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