Speech before

Electra Stormcloud
"Save us please! We're held here by General Akilles."
General Akilles
"What!?! You are here to rescue these students? That I cannot allow! I am honor-bound to keep them until I am told otherwise."
But if you were to defeat me, I would be honor-bound to free them for you...
If you want their freedom, you will have to fight me for it. And mind you, I will put up a good fight!"

Speech after

General Akilles
"You have defeated me, brave wizard, so I must honor your request to free the students.
My master will be angry that I let them go, but I must obey the Cyclops Code of Honor. Go now, they are free."
Electra Stormcloud
"Thank you for freeing us! We were starting to believe that no one was coming to help us."
Garrick Goldenhawk
"Thank goodness you showed up. No telling who would have come to rescue us."
Rosie Ironheart
"I thought at least Professor Drake would have come looking for us but he didn't. Thank you for coming to our aid!"

General Akilles at a Glance:
General Akilles
Rank: 2 Boss
Health: 470
Creature Class: Giant
School: Myth
Boost: 10% boost to Storm
Resist: 30% resist to Myth
Physical Attack: Deals 100 Myth damage per pip.
Minion: Cyclops Legionnaire
Location: Wizard City- Cyclops Lane - General Akilles' Keep

Spells Known

Myth Trap

Blood Bat (Spell)


Cyclops (Spell)

Thunder Snake


Frost Beetle

Items Dropped

Akilles' Blazing Helm
Cloudburst Helm
Healer's Cowl
Helm of Stability
Hood of Storms
Hood of Tension
Imp Lord's Helm
Soft Hood
Stormweave Hood
Trollskin Hat
Firestorm Cap
Helm of Dependability
Barkskin Tunic
Canvas Cloak
Cloak of Foresight
Fairy Cloak
Robe of Antiquities
Scholarly Robes
Storm Coat
Sturdy Coat
Tunic of Disturbance
Vestment Of The Adverse
Adventurer's Boots
Cloudburst Wraps
Fairy Shoes
Goldleaf Shoes
Hardened Boots
Northland Footwraps
Martyr's Wraps
Plated Boots
Roughspun Shoes
Soldiers Wraps
Cloudburst Wraps
Soft Boots
Storm Wraps
Sturdy Boots
Twice Stitched Boots
Explorer Boots
Wand of Repose
Jade Studded Athame
Jeweled Dagger
Ritual Athame
Simple Dirk
Amulet of the Fay
Flawed Pearl Ring
Hallowed Band
Blue Ghost
Cyclops Statue
Dark Wall Shelf
Prop Mountains 1
Treasure Cards:
Dark Sprite
Death Trap
Fire Cat
Fire Elf
Guiding Light
Keen Eyes
Lightning Bats
Myth Shield
Leather Straps
Sugar Donut
Gummy Firecat
Cheese Broccoli
Chocolate Strawberry
Bat Wings (24 Hours)
Black Stallion (24 Hours)
Enchanted Broom (24 Hours)
Horned Sweeper (24 Hours)
Seraph Wings (24 Hours)
Starlight Pony (24 Hours)
Swiftshadow Wings (24 Hours)

Quest Appearances

General Akilles (Quest)

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