Fleshless Tower is an instance in Dragonspyre. At the top of the tower (floor 6) lies Orin Grimcaster. You have to defeat him to get the battle crystal.

With 4 players:

1. Fleshless Sentry x2 (1010 Death) and Fleshrot Retriever x2 (955 Death)

2. Health Wisps

3. Vile Apparition x3 (1,115 Death) and Dark Poltergeist (1,055 Life)

4. Dark Poltergeist x3 (1,055 Life) and Fleshrot Retriever (955 Death)

5. Health Wisps

6. Dark Poltergeist x2 (1,055 Life), Firerock Stomper (1,055 Fire), Orin Grimcaster (3,800 Death)


1. Fleshless Sentry x1, Fleshrot Retriever x1

2. Health Wisps

3. Vile Apparition x1, Dark Poltergeist x1

4. Dark Poltergeist x1, Fleshrot Retriever x1

5. Health Wisps

6. Firerock Stomper x1, Orin Grimcaster

Fleshless Tower

Fleshless Tower in The Crucible

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