The Fairy Queen is a semi-rare Boss monster on Unicorn Way that is different from the other bosses in the fact that it roams the streets like a common creature. It was previously speculated that there was only one on the entirety of Unicorn Way at any given point in time, but this was disproved when a wizard named Caleb Spiritgrove saw two at once. She looks very similar to the Dark Fairy, but has a slightly different color scheme: her wings are purple instead of red, and she has a crown instead of a hair band. This allows you to tell the difference from a Dark Fairy to the Fairy Queen from a distance without name plates. Also, she is the only Rank One Boss in the entire game. Fairy Queens tend to stay around the area at the far end of Unicorn Way near the Hedge Maze, where the Dark Fairies also roam. The Fairy Queen also roams by the Lost Souls, she roams anywhere on the streets of Unicorn Way until she is defeated. The Fairy Queen appears to have multiple spawn points. One of them is near the entrance to the Hedge Maze, while another is located on the same corner that Private O'Ryan's house is located, just a couple corners away from the Hedge Maze.

Another unique characteristic of the Fairy Queen is her multiple physical attacks. She has three different variations. One does 95 damage, another 100 damage, and a third that does 180 damage for two pips, 90 damage per pip. Also, she has no weaknesses or strengths against any types of magic, also unusual for a boss.

Fairy Queen at a Glance:
Fairy Queen
Rank: 1 Boss
Health: 235
Creature Class: Fairy
School: Life
Boost: 0% boost to Death
Resist: 0% resist to Life
Physical Attack: Deals 90/95/100 Life damage per pip.
Location: Wizard City- Unicorn Way

Spells Known

Life Trap






Items Dropped

Adventurer's Helm
Antique Helm
Fur-Lined Hood
Charged Cover
Crown of Seasons
Soot Stained Hat
Sturdy Hat
Soft Hood
Plated Boots
Novice Ring
Treasure Cards:
Fire Cat
Frost Beetle
Spider Silk
Gummy Firecat
Cheese Broccoli
Seraph Wings (24 Hours)
White Mare (24 Hours)
Bat Wings (24 Hours)
Starlight Pony (24 Hours)
Swiftshadow Wings (24 Hours)

mount7 = camel]] (24 Hours)

Quest Appearances

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