Emil Flamewright

Emil Flamewright


Dragonspyre,The Atheneum - Ring Shop

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:

Ends Quest:

Ring Shop

Item Price Currency Image
Ancestral Ring 4,500 Gold
Ancestral Ring
Coiled Ring of the Serpent 4,500 Gold
Coiled Ring of the Serpent
Ring of Equivalence 6,750 Gold
Ring of Equivalence
Seal of Obdisian 6,750 Gold
Seal of Obdisian
Burning Wheel 6,750 Gold
Burning Wheel
Bedazzled Band 6,750 Gold
Bedazzled Band
Ring of Ice Diamonds 6,750 Gold
Ring of Ice Diamonds
Ivy-Wrapped Ring 6,750 Gold
Ivy-Wrapped Ring
Signet of Superstition 6,750 Gold
Signet of Superstition
Signet of the Sylph 6,750 Gold
Signet of the Sylph
Ring of the Rose 725 Crowns
Band of Aid 725 Crowns

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