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All Death Spells

All Death Spells

Death Spells from Dworgyn

Name Level Description # of Pips
Dark Sprite 1 Deal 65 - 105 Death Damage to target. 1
Ghoul 5 Steal 160 from target and convert half to Health 2
Dream Shield 8 -70% to next incoming Life and Myth Damage spell. 0
Banshee 10 Deal 245 - 305 Death Damage to target. 3
Vampire 16 Steal 350, and convert half to Health 4
Skeletal Pirate (Spell) 22 Deal 430 - 510 Death Damage 5
Feint 26 +70% next outgoing Damage spell and +30% next incoming Damage spell. 1
Doom and Gloom 33 -65

% to all Health spells. Global

Wraith (Spell) 42 Steal 500 from target and convert half to Health 6

Death Spells from Other Trainers

Name Level Description # of Pips Trainer
Death Shield 10 -80% to next incoming Death Damage or Steal spell. 0 Sabrina Greenstar
Pacify 15 Reduce threat on target. X Mortis, the Death Tree
Infection 0 -50% to next outgoing Health spell from target. 0 Mortis, the Death Tree
Steal Health 25 Steal 300 Health from Minion. 1 Croaky
Strangle 22 Dispel next incoming Death Damage spell. 2 Mildred Farseer

Death Spells from Quests

Name Description # of Pips Quest Prerequisites
Death Trap +30% to next outgoing Death Damage spell. 0 Enrollment Level 2
Deathblade +40% to next outgoing Death Damage spell. 0 The Buried Truth Level 7
Death Prism Convert Death Damage to Life Damage 0 Sweet Revenge Level 12
Sacrifice Take 250 Death Damage to give 700 Health to target. 3 The Sixth School End of Wizard City
Curse +20% to next outgoing Damage spell. 0 Speedy Delivery Level 18
Poison Deal 35 + 390 Death Damage over 3 rounds to target. 4 Back to Balance End of Krokosphinx
Beguile Target helps you for 1 round. 3 Temple Dweller End of Krokotopia
Animate (Spell) Summon a Minion of Death X Learning a Lesson Level 28
Plague -20% to next incoming Damage spell on all enemies. 1 Bad News... End of Marleybone
Empower Take 300 Death Damage for 3 pips. 1 Bottled Up Level 38
Scarecrow Steal 400 from all enemies and convert half to Health 7 Rain on the Scarecrow Level 48
Skeletal Dragon Deal 200 + 810 Death Damage over 3 rounds. 8 All Things Must Pass Level 58
Dr. Von's Monster Deal 820 Steal, Swap half to Health, -25% Healing Charm On target. 9 Back From the Dead Level 68

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