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Clarence Fogg

Clarence Fogg


Newgate Prison

Clarence Fogg's Recipe Shop

Hat Recipes

Recipe Price Currency
Brisk Cap of Loyalty 844 Gold
Snowy Shroud of Sorrow 844 Gold
Zesty Hat of the Blizzard 844 Gold
Chilled Coif of Acumen 844 Gold
Arctic Cowl of the Maelstrom 844 Gold
Frosty Hood of the Hearth 844 Gold

Robe Recipes

Recipe Price Currency
Brisk Coat of Loyalty 1125 Gold
Snowy Smock of Sorrow 1125 Gold
Zesty Robe of the Blizzard 1125 Gold
Chilled Cloak of Acumen 1125 Gold
Arctic Robe of the Maelstrom 1125 Gold
Frosty Coat of the Hearth 1125 Gold

Boot Recipes

Recipe Price Currency
Brisk Boots of Loyalty 675 Gold
Snowy Sandals of Sorrow 675 Gold
Zesty Strollers of the Blizzard 675 Gold
Chilled Boots of Acumen 675 Gold
Arctic Wraps of the Maelstrom 675 Gold
Frosty Boots of the Hearth 675 Gold

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