Balthazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre


The Atheneum

Gives quest

Two Ring Circus
Needle and Luck
Iron Craft Dragonspyre

Ends quest

Dragon Your Feet
Two Ring Circus
Needle and Luck
Iron Craft Dragonspyre

Balthazar's Recipe Shop


Recipe Price Currency Female Image Male Image
Flamesoul Cloak2000Gold


Recipe Price Currency Image
Imperial Blade1,063Gold
Inspirational Blade1,063Gold
Immortal Blade531Gold


Recipe Price Currency Image
Signet of Perfection563Gold
Ring of Apotheosis1,125Gold
Seal of the Exemplar1,125Gold

Wall Hangings

Recipe Price Currency Image
Wooden Wall Clock10,500Gold
Winged Plaque6,000Gold
Portrait of Lydia Greyrose2,400Gold
Professor Ambrose2,400Gold


Recipe Price Currency
Large Starry Tent16,950Gold
Large Yellow Tent14,925Gold
Large Astral Tent17,640Gold
Marble Watch Tower3,360Gold
Brick-Walled Pond2,730Gold
Grassy Mound2,370Gold
Wooden Water Tower2,150Gold
Square Clocktower3,350Gold
Water Fountain2,700Gold


Recipe Price Currency Image
Bevelled Corner Counter9,750Gold
Fancy Counter8,925Gold
Spired Bed2,210Gold
Wyrm-Crowned Bed9,750Gold

Transmute Recipes

Recipe Price Currency Image
Transmute Ectoplasm150Gold
Transmute Fossil200Gold
Transmute Lava Lily300Gold
Transmute Fire Blossom400Gold

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