Throughout your wizard's journey, you will obtain various Badges. Badges are provided in recognition of difficult and arduous tasks that you have completed during your studies. Badge tasks often include defeating a large number of the same kind of monster, defeating certain Bosses or Towers, or helping protect a location.

You can access your list of Badges from your character screen. Press "C" or select the top tab in your spell book to access your character screen. Then, click on the second tab (the green badge in the blue circle) of the four in the upper right of your character screen.

  • Here, you can look at what Badges you have, the Badges you have discovered, and your progress for each Badge.
  • Clicking on a Badge will highlight it on your list and display it as your title on your name plate, allowing other players to see your Badge.
  • If you click on the "No Title" line at the top of your first page of Badges, it will show your level status and the kind of wizard you are based on your school. Click here to see a list of level and school titles you can display using the 'No Title' Option. This is the Badge you start the game with.

Page 1

Badges page 1



No Title

Default (See Titles)

Golem Tower Champion

Received for completing Golem Tower and defeating the Iron Golem

Hero of Unicorn Way

Received for finishing all main quests on Unicorn Way

Three Streets Savior

Received for completing all Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue, and Firecat Alley Quests

Master Diplomat

Received for completing all quests on Colossus Boulevard

Wizard City Protector

Defeat Lord Nightshade

Gobbler Chaser

Defeat 25 Gobblers

Page 2

Badge Pg2

Badges Page 2



Gobbler Catcher

Defeat 50 Gobblers

Gobbler Gobbler

Defeat 100 Gobblers

Savior of Wizard City

Received for completing all quests in Wizard City

Wizard City Explorer

Received for completing Find the Smiths

Sunken City Survivor

Received for completing Sunken City

Krok Thrasher

Defeat 50 Krokotopians

Krok Hunter

Defeat 100 Krokotopians

Page 3

Badge page 3

Badge Page 3



Krok Slayer

Defeat 200 Krokotopians

Junior Archeologist

Complete all quests in the Pyramid of the Sun

Krokosphinx Delver

Complete all quests in the Krokosphinx

Tomb Raider

Complete all quests in the Tomb of Storms (minus in-dungeon Tomb of Beguiler)

Order of the Fang

Complete the Krokosphinx storyline quests

Hero of Krokotopia

Defeat Krokopatra in Temple of Storms

Master of the Oasis

Complete every quest in Krokotopia

Page 4




Krokotopia Explorer

Complete the Find the Beetles quest

Secret Shopper

Enter the Krokotopia Secret Shop 5 times or run along the the left side of the Krokotopia Secret Shop

Mander Savior

Defeat Ngozi the Beguiler in the Tomb of the Beguiler


Complete the Big Ben instance by defeating Meowiarty

Hero of Marleybone

Complete every quest in Marleybone ( Except Kensington Park )

Honorary Detective

Complete all of Officer McRuff's quests


Ride all four of the balloons in Digmoore Station

Page 5

Badge page 5

Badges page 5



Member of the Watch

Complete all quests in Scotland Yard

Honorary Engineer

Defeat Meowiarty and hand in Bad News...

Marleybone Explorer

Complete Stray Cat Strut

Smogger Smasher

Defeat Smogger in Katzenstein's Lab

Cat Curtailer

Defeat 100 Cats

Cat Herder

Defeat 250 Cats

Meow Master

Defeat 400 Cats

Page 6




Crusher Crusher

Defeat Spike the Crusher in Big Ben

Machine Master

Defeat Stoker in Kensington Park

Rat Catcher

Defeat 50 Rats

Rat Trapper

Defeat 100 Rats

Pied Piper

Defeat 200 Rats

Oni Slayer

Defeat Jade Oni in Jade Palace

Emerald Champion

Complete all quests in MooShu

Page 7




MooShu Explorer

Complete Zeke's Blue Oyster Cult

The Purifier

Defeat Plague Oni and complete all quests in Shoshun Village, Cave of Solitude, Kishibe Village, and Shirataki Temple.


Defeat War Oni and complete all quests in Hametsu Village, Tatakai Outpost, and Crimson Fields.

Spirit Walker

Defeat Death Oni and complete all quests in Yoshihito Temple, Ancient Burial Grounds, Village of Sorrow, and Tree of Life.

Sword Saint

Defeat Youkai at the Tree of Life

Ninja Hunter

Defeat 100 Ninja Pigs

Ninja Slayer

Defeat 250 Ninja Pigs

Page 8

Badge page 8




Defeat 400 Ninja Pigs

Ronin Hunter

Defeat 50 Samoorai.


Defeat 100 Samoorai.


Defeat 200 Samoorai.

Dragonspyre Master

Complete all Dragonspyre quests.


Complete all main and side quests in The Necropolis, The Drake Hatchery, and The Labyrinth.


Complete all main and side quests in The Atheneum, The Tower Archives, the Plaza of Conquests, and The Grand Chasm.

Page 9





Complete all main and side quests in Dragonspyre Academy (including The Final Countdown)

Draconian Slayer

Defeat 50 Draconians

Draconian Bane

Defeat 100 Draconians

Draconian Master

Defeat 200 Draconians

Savior of the Spiral

Complete The Final Countdown

Dragonspyre Explorer

Complete The Stone Roses Quest

Master of Fire

Learn all Fire Spells

Page 10




Master of Ice

Learn all Ice Spells

Master of Storm

Learn all Storm Spells

Master of Death

Learn all Death Spells

Master of Nature

Learn all Life Spells

Master of Monsters

Learn all Myth Spells

Master of Balance

Learn all Balance Spells

Please Note: It is only possible to get your own Schools Badge.

Page 11




Spider Squisher

Defeat 50 Spiders

Web Cutter

Defeat 100 Spiders

Chitin Crusher

Defeat 250 Spiders


Defeat 500 Spiders

Giant Hunter

Defeat 50 Giants

Giant Smasher

Defeat 100 Giants

Page 12




Blood of the Giants

Defeat 350 Giants

Undead Stalker

Defeat 50 Undead

Undead Hunter

Defeat 100 Undead

Undead Conquerer

Defeat 500 Undead

Undead Crusader

Defeat 1,000 Undead

Undead Slayer

Defeat 2,000 Undead

Golem Breaker

Defeat 50 Golems

Page 13




Golem Destroyer

Defeat 200 golems


Defeat 500 golems


Finish Boris Tallstaff's Wizard City Library quests through the History of Magic and the Trip to the Library quest in Krokotopia

Page 14




Elemental Dispeller

Defeat 50 Elementals

Elemental Banisher

Defeat 250 Elementals


Defeat 500 Elementals

Novice Crafter

Complete all quests for Eudora Tangletree

Apprentice Crafter

Complete all quests for Wul'yahm

Initiate Crafter

Complete all quests for Felicia Worthington

Page 15




Adept Crafter

Complete all quests for Toshio

Master Artisan

Complete all quests for Balthazar Dragonthorn

Grandmaster Artisan

Complete all quests for

Spiral Geographer

Complete all Celestia quests

Shark Catcher

Defeat 50 sharks

Shark Fisher

Defeat 100 sharks

Shark Jumper

Defeat 200 sharks

Page 16




Crab Chaser

Defeat 50 Crabs

Crab Tackler

Defeat 100 Crabs

Crab Angler

Defeat 200 Crabs

Master Angler

Complete all Shark and Crab badges

Celestian Explorer

Complete Lounging Lizards quest

Grizzleheim Explorer

Complete Yardbird quest

Page 17

Veteran PVP Badge



PVP Badge

Changes each PVP rank after sergeant

Pet Badge

Changes each Pet rank after sergeant

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