Aziz Mufasa

Aziz Mufasa

Location: The Oasis

Gives Quest:

Quest Goal:


Ends Quest:

Aziz Mufasa's Ring and Amulet Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Elven Pendant 255 Gold Elven Pendant
Gobblestone's Pendant 255 Gold GobblestonesPendant-WizardCityAmulets
Flash Frozen Choker 255 Gold FlashFrozenChoker-WizardCityAmulets
Greebly's Gemstone 255 Gold Greebly'sGemstone-WizardCityAmulets
Rotunda's Torc 255 Gold RotundasTorc-WizardCityAmulets
Swooping Necklace 255 Gold Swooping Necklace
Amulet of the Fay 255 Gold Amulet Of The Fay
Bogeyman's Pendant 255 Gold BogeymansPendant-WizardCityAmulets
Choker of Ferocity 255 Gold Choker Of Ferocity
Choker of Swarms 255 Gold ChokerofSwarms-WizardCityAmulets


Item Price Currency Image
Cryptkeeper's Band 360 Gold CryptkeepersBand-KrokotopiaRings
Sparkling Band 630 Gold SparklingBand-KrokotopiaRings
Superstitious Band 720 Gold SuperstitiousBand-KrokotopiaRings
Initiate's Ring 1,890 Gold InitiatesRing-KrokotopiaRings
Flamelicked Ring 2,700 Gold FlamelickedRing-KrokotopiaRings
Crystalline Band 2,700 Gold CrystallineBand-KrokotopiaRings
Ring of Originality 2,700 Gold RingofOriginality-KrokotopiaRings
Ring of Imagination 2,700 Gold RingofImagination-KrokotopiaRings
Band of Prediction 2,700 Gold BandofPrediction-KrokotopiaRings
Ring of Darkness 2,700 Gold RingofDarkness-KrokotopiaRings
Band of the Shrewd 2,700 Gold BandoftheShrewd-KrokotopiaRings
Youthful Seal 375 Crowns YouthfulSeal-KrokotopiaRings
Signet of Significance 375 Crowns BandofSignificance-KrokotopiaRings

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