Pierre Gallentmare

Artemus Firesmith


Shopping District, Wizard City

Gives quest

  • None

Ends quest

  • None

Artemus' Athame Shop


Item Price Currency Image
Simple Dirk22 GoldGoldSimple Dirk
Shortblade128 GoldGoldShortblade
Ritual Athame128 GoldGoldRitual Athame
Ancient Dagger255 GoldGoldAncient Dagger
Graven Blade255 GoldGoldGraven Blade
Runed Blade255 GoldGoldRuned Blade
Doomblade255 GoldGoldDoomblade
Antique Kris255 GoldGoldAntique Kris
Razor Blade255 GoldGoldRazor Blade
Dawnshard255 GoldGoldDawnshard
Chipped Knife340 GoldGoldChipped Knife
Shortblade of the Quick260 CrownsCrownsShortblade of the Quick
Heartsteel260 CrownsCrownsHeartsteel

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