Subscriber or Crowns Player?

Subscribers have access to all areas of the game, plus these bonuses:

  1. Early access to new content.
  2. Access to post on the message boards.
  3. Special promotional offers.
  4. Access to 18+ Chat with validated Credit Card on file.
  5. Free access to Ranked Player vs Player and Ranked Derby.
Crowns Player Benefits Crowns players have access to each area they have purchased, plus these bonuses:
  1. Ability to Pay by Area as you progress through the game.
  2. Once players purchase an area, they can access it forever, with all the characters on that account!
  3. Special promotional offers (you can buy things with Crowns: note that Subscribers can buy Crowns to access these offers too)

The prices for each of the areas in Crowns( ) are listed below. Please note Pay as you Go Areas purchased on Family Master Accounts do not carry over to Sub accounts.

Area Crowns Area Crowns
Wizard City Grizzleheim
Commons Free! Northguard
Savarstaad Pass
Two areas for
Ravenwood Free! Vigrid Roughland
Shopping District Free! Mirkholm Keep
Fairegrounds Free! Nidavellir
Hall of Valor
Winterdeep Warren
Helgrind Warren

Four areas for

Dueling Arena Free! Ravenscar
Golem Court Free! Marleybone
Unicorn Way Free! Regent's Square

Four areas for

Triton Avenue** Free! Royal Museum
Haunted Cave Free! Digmoore Station
Nightside Free! Hyde Park
Dark Cave* Free! Chelsea Court 1200
Cyclops Lane* 750 Ironworks 1200
Firecat Alley* 750 Kensington Park 1200
Sunken City 750 Scotland Yard Roof Two areas for
Colossus Blvd 750 Newgate Prison
*Dark Cave is free with purchase of Firecat Alley or Cyclops Lane
**Crab Alley is free like Triton Avenue
Knight's Court 1200
Player vs Player Katzensteins Lab 1200
PvP Practice Arena Free! Counterweight East 1200
PvP Tournament Arena 80/match Counterweight West 1200
PvP Tournament Arena 240 / 24hour Day Pass Big Ben 1200
Krokotopia MooShu

Three areas
for 915

Jade Palace Two areas for
Altar of Kings Hametsu Village
Royal Hall Tatakai Outpost 1200
Chamber of Fire 915 Crimson Fields 1200
Palace of Fire 915 Yoshihito Temple Two areas for
Throne Room of Fire 915 Ancient Buriel Ground

Three areas for

Village of Sorrow 1200
Entrance Hall Tree of Life 1200
Hall of Champions Shoshun Village Two areas for
Grand Arena 915 Cave of Solitude
Vault of Ice 915 Kishibe Village 1200
Emperor's Retreat 915 Shiritake Temple 1200
Tomb of Storms Four areas for
Well of Spirits The Basilica Three areas for
Ahnic Family Tomb The Atheneum
Djeserit Family Tomb The Tower Archives
Karanahn Barracks 915 Plaza of Conquests 1200
Karanahn Palace 915 The Grand Chasm 1200
Temple of Storms 915 The Necropolis

Two areas for

Tomb of the Beguiler 915 The Drake Hatchery
The Crucible 1200
The Labyrinth 1200
Dragonspyre Academy Two areas for
The Crystal Grove
The Forum 1200
The Great Spyre 1200


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