Animate (Spell)

School: Death

Pip Cost: X

Accuracy: 100%

Type: Manipulation

Description: Summon a Minion of Death

Received From: Learning a Lesson


Required Character Level: 28
Spell Animations can be found on each of the minion's pages.
  • None

Prerequisite for:

  • None
Can be purchased with Training Points*: No

*Training Points are only required if you do not belong to the School of the spell. If you belong to the School, the spell is FREE.


# of Pips Minion Looks Like Rank Health
1 Ethereal Servant Lost Soul 1 100
2 Charmed Sprite Dark Fairy 2 200
3 Crypt Watchguard Skeletal Pirate 2 300
4 Ghoulish Retainer Ghoul 3 400
5 Summoned Soul Lost Soul 3 500
6 Captive Banshee Banshee 4 600
7 Living Scarecrow (Minion) Field Guard 4 700
8 Ghastly Spectre Lost Soul 5 800
9 Enchanted Howler Banshee 6 900
10 Crypt Walker Ghoul 6 1,000
11 Risen Tomb Master Krokomummy 6 1,100
12 Skeletal Sergeant Skeletal Pirate 6 1,200
13 Soul Crusher Lost Soul 6 1,300
14 Death Incarnate Wraith 7 1,400

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